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Wilden® Donates New AODD Pump To Mercy Ships


Pump used on world’s largest civilian hospital ship Grand Terrace, CA日 - 1月 8, 2018 - Wilden®, PSG®的一部分, 一个多佛公司与气动双隔膜泵的全球领导者 (AODD) 泵技术, is pleased to announce that it recently donated a new AODD pump to Mercy Ships for transferring blackwater onboard the hospital ship阅读全文 »

Go with the flow


源: ProFood World A pump upgrade helps a winery irrigate its fruit caps while providing gentle product handling, enhanced efficiency and labor savings. 当罗德尼强葡萄园建立了自己的新的10500平方英尺的设施发酵希尔兹堡, 加州, the family-owned winery sought out highly specialized equipment that could optimize operations and product handling. That included finding a… 阅读全文 »

Building Applications Knowledge Can Unlock Value in Pump Selection


源: Chemical Products Finder Leveraging this expertise solves customer problems and creates a sustainable competitive advantage In industrial business-to-business equipment markets, manufacturers are faced with an increasingly difficult operating environment. Energy-price volatility, the increasing costs of regulatory compliance and public demands for improved environmental stewardship in regards to scarce resources are three prominent factors that阅读全文 »

Wilden®推出亲FLO®SHIFT PS220 / 230 FIT金属泵,en


大露台, CA - 十月 2, 2017 - Wilden®, PSG®的一部分, 一个多佛公司与气动双隔膜泵的全球领导者 (AODD) 泵技术, 很高兴地宣布其PS220的可用性/ 230 FIT,,en,金属AODD泵搭载的节能亲弗洛,,en,不锈钢和球墨铸铁 - 新的PS220 / 230 FIT泵都具有螺栓连接的产品容器,,en,PS220 / 230 FIT泵是剪切敏感的和本质安全与自吸和干运行能力,,en,这些泵还采用了创新的威尔顿临-FLO SHIFT ADS,,en,它采用了一种独特的空气控制滑阀,每个冲程的后一部分期间自动限制空气进入泵的量,,en,威尔顿PS220 / 230 FIT泵可最大排出压力,,en,干,,en,威尔顿泵业AODD博客Wilden®推出临FLO®SHIFT PS220 / 230 FIT金属泵,,en 25 毫米 (1“) metal AODD pumps equipped with the energy-efficient Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS). Available in three wetted-path… 阅读全文 »

Wilden® P420/430 and P820/830 FIT Metal Pumps Now Available


大露台, CA - 十月 2, 2017 - Wilden®, PSG®的一部分, 一个多佛公司与气动双隔膜泵的全球领导者 (AODD) 泵技术, 很高兴地宣布其P420的可用性/ 430 FIT,,en,和P820 / 830 FIT,,en,AODD泵配备了专业-FLO,,en,可用在建筑三个润湿路材料 - 铝,,en,不锈钢和球墨铸铁 - 新的P420 / 430和P820 / 830 FIT泵都具有螺栓连接的产品容器,,en,易于维护和高效运营,,en,威尔顿FIT泵已经被设计为直接替代现有的威尔顿夹住泵,,en,狂奔泵和竞争车型,,en,安装简单,,en 38 毫米 (1-1/2“) and P820/830 FIT 51 毫米 (2“) AODD pumps equipped with the Pro-Flo® Air Distribution System (ADS). Available… 阅读全文 »

AODD泵首选化学处理器,en (部分 2 的 2)


源: Modern Pumping Today Advancements in overall efficiency combine with a variety of handling capabilities There’s no question that the improvements in overall AODD pump operation and ADS capabilities have been significant over the years, 和同样可以说是隔膜材料和设计. As AODD pumps have begun to be used in… 阅读全文 »

The Value of Applications Knowledge


源: 世界泵业工业生产者,,en,而此时的成本压力和经济逆风威胁遏制增长,并有利于盈利能力,,en,操作,,en,和维护,,en,工程网络有效值,,en,越来越加紧提供这种关键应用专业知识,他们的最终客户,,en,并建立自己的市场卓越的应用专业组织能够获得显着的竞争优势,,en,威尔顿原创系列气动双隔膜泵,,en,在西班牙的陶瓷厂在泵运行,,en,的不锈钢威尔顿高级PX系列AODD泵在使用中的SABA B.V,,en,和荷兰粘合剂制造工厂,,en,工业制造商正面临着越来越迪FFI邪教的商业环境,,en,•能源价格波动,,en,•法规遵从法规和相关费用,,en, such as paint and resin manufacturers or oil-and-gas refinery operators, are investing in advanced technologies that will help them to achieve their business goals. Smart SCADA systems can reduce downtime through proactive monitoring. Energy-efficient pump technology delivers operating-cost savings, hedges against energy-price fluctuations and helps companies to meet their environmental stewardship… 阅读全文 »

AODD泵首选化学处理器,en (部分 1 的 2)


源: Modern Pumping Today The circumstances that prompted Jim Wilden to develop the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) 抽原则六十年前已经采取几乎神话般的地位: 破裂的水管, 被水淹没的车间,,en,和同事感叹说,“修身”,,en,在随后的六十多年,,en,泥浆,,en,或任何细碎物质,,en,点击这里阅读完整的故事,,en,威尔顿泵业AODD博客AODD泵首选化学处理器,,en, and an exclamation from a coworker that “Slim” (威尔顿的昵称) 可以“赚一百万美元,”如果他能发明一种解决方案…. 阅读全文 »

Wilden® Releases PS1 13 毫米 (½”) Original™ Clamped Metal Pump


大露台, CA – August 31, 2017 - Wilden®, PSG®的一部分, 一个多佛公司与气动双隔膜泵的全球领导者 (AODD) 泵技术, is pleased to announce the availability of its PS1 Original™ 13 毫米 (½”) clamped metal AODD pump equipped with the energy-efficient Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS). This new high… 阅读全文 »

Mastering the Art of Paint Production


源: 涂料 & Coatings Industry As it turns out, there is a definite ‘art’ to the manufacture of the arts and crafts paints that enables a child to finger paint a family portrait worthy of a place on the fridge door. One company that has moved to the head of the class in the production… 阅读全文 »