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At EMCO, Air Diaphragm Pumps Help Optimize Warm, Clean-Room Operations


Upgraded capabilities expected to address upcoming USP and FDA regulation revisions  By Jack Pitts It’s said the Wright Brothers, Walt Disney, William Hewlett & David Packard and Jeff Bezos all started developing their ideas in a garage. Less well-known perhaps is that at least one chemical-industry innovator also got his start this way. In suburban… Read more »

A Perfect Fit for EMCO Chemical Distributors


If presented with the task of identifying the most appropriate setting in which to base a history of innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States in the 20th century, it would be hard to make a better choice than the garage. As legend has it, such well-known visionaries as the Wright Brothers, Walt Disney, William Hewlett… Read more »

How to Select Diaphragms for AODD Pumps (Part 2 of 2)

Wilden diaphragms for AODD pumps

Asking the right questions and utilizing the best available tools from Wilden® will help AODD pump operators maximize diaphragm life By Rob Jack, Wilden® and Pump Solutions Group (PSG®) In the first part of this article, we discussed some of the materials that have been tested extensively for use in diaphragms in AODD pumps—rubber, TPE… Read more »

Wilden® Launches New Website to Showcase AODD Pumps


Redesigned site provides superior user experience, improved navigation, new resources and optimization for mobile environments Grand Terrace, CA – September 4, 2014 – Wilden®, part of Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group (PSG®) and a worldwide leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, has launched a completely redesigned website with a new user-friendly, intuitive interface; improved navigation;… Read more »

Wilden AODD Pumps Improve Safety in Mining Operations


AODD pumps not only meet the challenges found in harsh mining conditions, but also help minimize the risks for mine personnel and the environment By Johannes Meijer| Download the article Introduction In the early days of the mining industry, operations were pretty basic: identify the spot where the commodity might be buried, dig a hole and… Read more »

Multiple PSG Brands Featured in December Pumps & Systems


Multiple PSG® Brands Featured in December Pumps & Systems The current issue of Pumps & Systems magazine focused on several brands from Pump Solutions Group (PSG®). On the cover, the magazine featured a chemical application image from Wilden® that was taken in the chemical dosing room in NTC Tankcleaning’s facility. Later in the issue, Almatec®… Read more »

Full Steam Ahead


By Bernd Reitemeyer, Wilden | Download this article | Rotterdam’s NTC Tankcleaning uses systems from Gröninger that feature Wilden Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps to raise the performance bar in critical tank cleaning applications. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

AODD Pumps in Process Cooling Applications


By Tom Zuckett, PSG | Download this article | The October issue of Process Cooling magazine included a feature article on the use of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps in process cooling applications. This time-tested technology meets the needs of harsh operating conditions while improvements in airflow efficiency help optimized the bottom line. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Shifting Your Perception of AODD Pumps


By Carl Glauber & Ravi Prasad, Wilden | Download this article | The October issue of Process India magazine included a feature article on that illustrates how a revolutionary new air-distribution technology can help minimize air consumption and improve overall efficiency of reciprocating positive displacement Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pump technology that is used in many of the world’s industrial liquid-handling… Read more »

Case Study: It Takes A Team To Be Clean


ROTTERDAM’S NTC TANKCLEANING USES SYSTEMS FROM GRÖNINGER THAT FEATURE WILDEN® AIR-OPERATED DOUBLE- DIAPHRAGM (AODD) PUMPS TO RAISE THE PERFORMANCE BAR IN CRITICAL TANK-CLEANING APPLICATIONS By Bernd Reitemeyer | View PDF In May 2013, a steady stream of tanker trucks began to line up outside pristine bay doors, the large gray numerals above each of the… Read more »