Wilden® 1.5" FIT Pumps Decisively Outperform
Warren Rupp® SANDPIPER 1.5" and 2" Pumps


Wilden® PS420 FIT (38 mm, 1.5")
Warren Rupp® SANDPIPER S15 (1.5") & S20 (2") Pumps

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Note: When measuring Wilden versus SANDPIPER, comparison parameters are adjusted to account for SANDPIPER’s 100 psig max operating pressure. Additionally, parameters are adjusted to represent the performance you can expect from Wilden PS420 FIT pump (even if derated to 120 psig).

When operating at SANDPIPER’s max air inlet, the scenario is much like our recent Graco® Head-To-Head example. As shown in the chart above, the Wilden® PS420 FIT (1.5") pump matches SANDPIPER's 2" pump performance until it is pushed to more extreme discharge flow rates. At 120 psig (derated from 125 psig to meet SANDPIPER's maximum air pressure), the Wilden PS420 FIT (1.5") pump expands capability to keep pumping where SANDPIPER falls short.

Take away

  • Wilden PS420 FIT (1.5") bolted pump has superior flow rate performance at 120 psig and 100 psig when compared against the SANDPIPER 1.5" pump
  • Wilden PS420 FIT (1.5") bolted pump can replace the larger 2" SANDPIPER pumps for less cost while meeting and exceeding flow rate requirements
  • Wilden PS420 FIT (1.5") bolted pump is equipped with the most efficient ADS in its class: Pro-Flo® SHIFT. The Pro-Flo SHIFT restricts air flow and prevents risk of overfill thus reducing air consumption and ultimately reducing energy costs.

NOTE: All information gathered and represented comes from published Graco and Warren Rupp performance data.

SANDPIPER, a Warren Rupp, Inc. brand Warren Rupp®, Inc. is registered trademark of IDEX® Corporation