Wilden® 1.5" FIT Pumps Decisively Outperforms Graco® Husky 1.5" and 2" Pumps


Wilden PS420 FIT (38 mm, 1.5”)
Graco® Husky™ 1590 (1.5”) 2150 (2”) Pumps

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NOTE: The Wilden pump curve is shown de-rated from 125 psig (Wilden max air inlet) to 120 psig (Graco max air inlet) to equalize the comparison (apples to apples).

The flow curve above clearly shows that the Wilden PS420 FIT (1.5”) pump outperforms Graco’s 1.5” pump by a large margin and shows that it beats Graco’s 2” pump throughout the majority of the curve.

Take away

  • Wilden 1.5” FIT bolted pump flow rates clearly outperforms Graco’s 1.5” pump
  • Wilden 1.5” FIT bolted pump can meet and exceed flow rate requirements for the larger 2” Graco pump on majority of the curve
  • You can replace Graco 1.5” and 2” pumps with the Wilden 1.5” FIT bolted pumps for less cost
  • Wilden 1.5” FIT bolted pump can reduce the overall operational cost by reducing wear parts, maintenance and energy costs
  • Wilden 1.5” FIT bolted pump is equipped with the most efficient Air Distribution System (ADS) in its class: Pro-Flo® SHIFT