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Advancing AODD Pump Design For Dangerous Chemicals

The chemical industry converts raw materials into 70,000 different products, but each chemical sub-sector presents its own unique challenges and dangers. Namely, each includes dangerous chemicals that are used in the production of tens of thousands of products. Dangerous chemicals require careful transfer and pump components to protect workers and the environment. When it comes… Read more »

Conquering The Challenges Of Latex Emulsion-Handling

Introduction Handling emulsions can be very challenging. Even their basic definition – “a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally unblendable” – hints at the difficulties that may be lying in wait when creating and handling them. Still, examples where emulsions have been successfully created, ranging from common milk to cutting fluids used… Read more »

Making the Most of an AODD Pump’s ADS Benefits

Source: White Paper KNOWING A SYSTEM’S FULL CAPABILITIES CAN MAKE IT EASIER FOR PLANT OPERATORS TO MAXIMIZE ENERGY EFFICIENCY BY IDENTIFYING THE OPTIMAL FLOW RATE AND AIR CONSUMPTION FOR THEIR AODD PUMPS By Curtis Dietzsch Introduction More and more, operating a manufacturing plant where fluids of varying viscosities need to be transferred from point to… Read more »

AODD Pumps for Harsh Conditions

Source: White Paper PRODUCT TYPE AND ENVIRONMENT MUST BE CONSIDERED WHEN CHOOSING THE PROPER PUMP By Tom Zuckett Introduction Webster’s Dictionary offers a number of definitions for the word “harsh,” including “having a coarse or uneven surface that is rough or unpleasant to the touch” and “causing a disagreeable or painful sensory reaction.” When considering… Read more »

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