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Mastering the Art of Paint Production


Source: Paint and Resin Times When Dutch arts and crafts paint manufacturer Havo ran into problems with its pumps, switching to Wilden products enabled it to maintain the quality that its customers demand, says Alberto Lerussi, Director of Sales – EMEA for Wilden and PSG As it turns out, there is a definite ‘art’ to… Read more »

Why you Should Consider AODD Pumps for Chemical Industry Processes


Process Worldwide For decades, centrifugal pumps were the standard choice for the process industry. Now, advancements in overall efficiency and the ability to handle a wide array of unique chemicals combine to make the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump a first choice for chemical processors. Content of the Article: Page 1: Spun Out: Why you Should… Read more »

Building Applications Knowledge Can Unlock Value in Pump Selection


Pumps & Systems Leveraging this expertise solves customer problems and creates a sustainable competitive advantage. By Nate Maguire, PSG First of Two Parts In industrial business-to-business equipment markets, manufacturers are faced with an increasingly difficult operating environment. Energy price volatility, the increasing costs of regulatory compliance and public demands for improved environmental stewardship with regard… Read more »

Irrigating Fruit Caps: A Clean and Green Solution


The Grapevine By John Wallace When Rodney Strong Vineyards built its new 10,500-square-foot fermentation facility in Healdsburg, CA, USA to accommodate premium grapes from their Cooley Ranch Vineyard, each detail was precisely planned. All equipment was carefully engineered or researched before purchase to assure the most efficient operations and optimum product handling possible. Among the… Read more »

Optimizing Air Usage In AODD Pumps


Processing magazine Next-generation ADS can reduce air consumption for improved efficiency and reduced operating costs By Erik Solfelt, Wilden Pump & Engineering Co. LLC Successful industrial operations are often measure success many ways — such as operational equipment efficiency, productivity and safety, to name a few. Almost always, they can be grouped into one of… Read more »

The # 1 Issue the Sanitary Processing Industry Fears Most


The sanitary processing industry currently faces a multitude of challenges: Rising wages and competition for workers Rising cost of benefits Increased competition from large, small and international competitors Increase of raw material costs due to material shortages Increase cost and demand for shelf space from retailers Increase in international, state, federal and local regulations and… Read more »

AODD Pumps Can Put the ‘Pop’ In Soda Production


Pumps & Systems By Tom Zuckett & Grant Gramlich | December 2016 Their features and benefits make them ideal for the many liquid-transfer points in the soft drink production chain. Although per-capita consumption of carbonated soft drinks in the U.S. has been on a steady decline since peaking in the 1990s, the average American still… Read more »

Clean is the Top Food-Pump Priority


Maintenance Technology By Michelle Segrest | October 2016 Food-and-beverage pumps are subjected to extensive and harsh cleaning procedures to assure that they meet all health regulations. It can be as smooth and clear as water or wine, or as sticky and thick as cookie dough or peanut butter. Regardless the viscosity, one thing remains a… Read more »

A Splash of Colour: The Right Pump for Inkmaking


By Michelangelo Branconi | View The Article Why AODD pumps are the secret ingredient for succes at a Spanish ink manufacturer — When a Spanish hidden champion wanted to grow, their process equipment was not up to the task. Now, the company has moved beyond its humble roots, with the help of a competent partner —… Read more »

AODD Pumps Can Put The “Pop” In Soda Production


WILDEN® SANIFLO™ HYGIENIC™ SERIES (HS) AND FDA AODD PUMPS POSSESS A LONG LIST OF FEATURES AND BENEFITS THAT MAKE THEM IDEAL FOR THE MANY LIQUID-TRANSFER POINTS IN THE SOFT-DRINK PRODUCTION CHAIN By Tom Zuckett & Grant Gramlich From the time raw materials – concentrates, corn syrup, flavorings, phosphoric acid, etc. – arrive at the soft-drink… Read more »