Monthly Archives: November 2016

AODD Pumps For Chemical Processes


ADVANCEMENTS IN OVERALL EFFICIENCY AND THE ABILITY TO HANDLE A WIDE ARRAY OF UNIQUE CHEMICALS COMBINE TO MAKE THE AIR-OPERATED DOUBLE-DIAPHRAGM PUMP A FIRST CHOICE FOR CHEMICAL PROCESSORS Critical operational characteristics such as the ability to self prime, run dry, maintain suction lift over long stretches, withstand deadhead conditions, operate while submerged and pass large… Read more »

Clean is the Top Food-Pump Priority


Maintenance Technology By Michelle Segrest | October 2016 Food-and-beverage pumps are subjected to extensive and harsh cleaning procedures to assure that they meet all health regulations. It can be as smooth and clear as water or wine, or as sticky and thick as cookie dough or peanut butter. Regardless the viscosity, one thing remains a… Read more »