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The Arrival of Diaphragm Pumps as Mainstream Process Pumps


By Wallace Witkoff In the evolution of pumps, the air-operated diaphragm pump is a more recent technology, if you consider 60 years since its invention recent. This compares with the lobe, centrifugal and gear technologies that were developed more than 100 years ago. Speaking of recent diaphragm-pump developments, the quaternary (four-piston) diaphragm pump, one that… Read more »

The Benefits of Full-Stroke Integral Piston Diaphragms


By Rob Jack The heart of the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump is its diaphragms. They must be flexible enough to handle millions of pumping cycles without failing and be compatible with any number of different liquids or particulate-laden slurries. When used in hygienic-manufacturing operations, such as food/beverage, personal care or pharmaceutical, the diaphragm has another… Read more »

AODD Pumps Can Provide Flexibility for Multiple Mining Operations


This technology can tackle basic dewatering applications and precise electrowinning processes. By Greg Duncan The early stages of mine development—including identifying the lodes and extracting the earth that surrounds them—are rugged operations that require equipment that can withstand long, hard days of work and function reliably in extreme weather conditions. This equipment includes both the… Read more »

Case Study: Technical Expertise


CERAMTEC INNOVATIVE CERAMIC ENGINEERING SETS THE STANDARD IN “FORMER” MANUFACTURING THROUGH A LONG RELATIONSHIP WITH WILDEN® AND ITS EVER-IMPROVING AODD PUMP TECHNOLOGIES By Danny Sanders | View PDF Technical ceramics—i.e., those used in the manufacturing process of any number of products—are all around us. Chances are if you’re washing your hands, making coffee, talking on a… Read more »